Fairy Tales and Technology

Fairy tales. A tricky business. They do not belong solely to the past. They have eternal value and universal…. They do not abide to rules. They are flexible and not rigid.
They find their way into people’s hearts if they are good, they fail to do so otherwise. It doesn’t matter if you’re telling a tale to a great and loud crowd of people of many diverse backgrounds and ages, you have to be heard.
In this case, talent is not the only prerequisite. You definitely need a microphone and some speakerphones. In the olden days, when grandparents told tales to their grandchildren, and when the storytellers — be they wanderers from one place to the other or local people — gathered the people to tell their tales, there was no TV, theatre, MEDIA, Radios and PCs to compete with. They had the complete and utter attention of everyone.
Talent is great, but audible talent is greater!

Recently, I attended a fairy-tale narration at a cinema in the centre of Agrinio. The crowd gathered – comprised mostly of mothers, fathers and many many children, from infancy to elementary school – exceeded the organizers’ expectations, but they stuck for some time to their initial decision not to use any technology (microphones etc.), although anybody who sat at the seats in the middle rows and backwards could hear nothing. To tell you the truth, I wondered why they hadn’t picked instead the wonderful location of the park of the city where everybody could just sit down on the grass in a great circle, and where they could keep the traditions and be heard at the same time.
It was a pity, really, because their choice of tales was very well worked on for a number of months…



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